Reusing Mega 2560 R3 +RAMPS 1.4 and stepper motors from old printer vs Rambo 1.4


I have an old 3D printer and could re-use its RAMPS 1.4 + Mega 2560 R3 with TMC2100 stepper drivers and LCD. The old stepper motors have are rated torque of 0.4 (NM).

Would this be enough for the MPCNC or should I buy stronger steppers? I never had any problems with the RAMPS board in my 3D printer.

I really would like to buy a Rambo 1.4 board, but the price is just so high with shipping and taxes to Germany: €112.28 + ~ 25€ shipping + ~25€ import taxes = ~160-170€ just for the board!!

Or is there a way to order the Rambo 1.4 board locally in Europe? I did not find it anywhere online … :frowning:

As I want to have the possibility to add endstops / laser I need the “big” Rambo.

Steppers are fine, minimum is listed on the parts page.

Your ramps board can do it all. The new ramps boards are un reliable, if you have a working one you are fine.