Reverse letter carving to make a memorial stone mold

Probably a weird question but does anyone here know how to make a reverse lettering mold? My father in law dies a month ago and his marker won’t be ready for nearly six months to a year. I thought I’d carve a relief mold to pour concrete into to create a temp marker with his name and dates on it until the official one is delivered and installed. I can make the drawing in 2D but haven’t tried 3D yet. Anyone with the experience that wants to help I’m grateful for. I can design it in Photoshop and save as a tiff or pdf. I need a file to make it.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry to hear about your father in law. What about something like this video showing carving in soapstone?

another option would be to 3d print the letters and then press it into the wet cement. If you don’t have access to a 3d printer I could give it a shot if you send me the design.



Hi Dan.

Thank you.

I do have a 3D printer. I also have Aspire which is a carving software. I’m just learning it. I’ll watch the video and see what they’re doing. If I can’t figure out the software, I’ll try the printer. Thanks

I wonder what bits they use for carving stone? I shouldn’t think that would be much tougher that steel, though I’d look seriously at doing it wet. :slight_smile:


Just vcarve a reversed name, the video linked has exactly what you’re looking for.


Diamond bits for sure for stone. Never cut any stone though, just laser engraved or diamond drag bit.

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Aaron, you have surpassed my greatest expectations! Thanks for this. Perfect. I have one question. Did he create the drawings prior to bringing them into Aspire? It appears they were created as vector art and then uploaded. He didn’t show if he imported them or not. I’m guessing he did. Anyways, thank you again for your assist with something that’s been a difficult project. It looks easy now.


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Perfect. I now have to figure out how to make the letters raised up. The previous video shows that. I am using pink foam for the material.

Literally just vcarve it. When you pour the cement in it will fill in the carve, making it raised.


Yup. Doing that. I was being facetious.

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