Rewrap/insulate Nozzle Hotend?

I’m not sure what the thing is called but the aluminum block the nozzle screws into - can it be rewrapped and how? Had a bit of a malfunction and kinda made a mess of it.

You can but do not need to, most of mine don’t have it anymore.

If you do want to wrap it again you need the insulation piece and some kapton “tape”.

You can also buy silicone socks for most hotends. I think something like this should fit the mk8:

Thanks guys. I think I found the culprit - the nozzle must not have been seated to the tube. I believe it oozed out under the insulation and ultimately burst it (yeah…I wasn’t monitoring close enough…).

HELP!!! I’m suffering withdrawal…I can’t access the forum on any of my devices (desktop, laptop, phone or iPad) and am suffering severe anxiety because of it. Is it possible my wife has blocked the URL on me?

(No, it’s not possible…she doesn’t know that she could do that to me ; )

Any idea what’s going down? I thought it was just down but for some random reason I thought I’d try one of my history links in the web browser and here I am. A lost sheep…

I’m seeing the same thing. Links to individual threads or posts appear to work, but higher level categories are returning blank pages. :frowning:

Edit: right after I posted that it appears to be working again…

Well things were janky for almost a week. After a full day yesterday of disabling everything and turning it all on one at a time then incorporating them in randomly…one stupid checkbox (of thousands?) was unchecked after some random update…GRRRRRRRRRRR.



With that, I have enabled all sorts of “speed” settings I had off previously so let me know if anything is weird.