Road and Water Maps Engraving

I saw this video from Jackman Works and figured I could do the same or expand on the concept a little

My work flow differs massively from the video, mainly using Maperitive and Corel Draw instead of the Open Street Map web viewer and Adobe Illustrator (cause it’s complete crap for large svgs)

All the water features were cut first and then filled with resin and then the roads were cut and the whole panel spray painted and then sanded. They are finished with polyurethane

final dimensions: ~35h x 29w (4 panels 17.5h x 14.69w)


Great work! That looks awesome.

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just got all my parts from Ryan, still waiting on my steel tubes. great to see this, it was something i had considered, but for a large scale DnD type map.

thanks for sharing!


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That is awesome, definitely one of the inspirations for me building an MPCNC is maps, want to do exactly that for a few places in Ohio in particular.

Any details about your process would be greatly appreciated!

this is a link to a google doc ive made to give a basic overview of how i get the data for these maps


That’s an awesome writeup! :+1: Thanks for sharing.

It would be great if we could get a link to the doc (or the doc itself) into the online docs here. Just think that would be easier for folks to locate than a link buried in the forum - so throwing the idea out there…


Adam you are absolutely the best!

Definitely was expecting and would have been happy with like 4-8 bullet point sentences and instead you make up a document with pictures that is that many pages long (plus even).

I’m pretty new to this community but I love it here. Can’t wait to get my machine together and start this up.

I might be able to help with that if Adam is okay with that and doesn’t want to do it himself?


You’re more than welcome to add it to the docs