Rocking Chair Prototype

probably need to reconsider the weaving aspect in my next iteration.

operating in tight corners and with too thin rope leaves the fingers worse for wear.

but can’t blame the lowrider for those mistakes!


My grandparents used to take fold up chairs and replace the strings with nylon strings to make patterns. They would basically have two colors of string, and they would weave them under or over to make a pattern. The one I remember the most was a football helmet.


Awesome work.
I see so many stuff milled with the lowrider in both pictures…
Don’t forget to protect the wood using some kind of coating, otherwise it will look like crap in a few years and that would be a shame for such a great work :slight_smile:

Also, If I may, I think you should rework the shape of the back of the chair, otherwise the two parallel wooden bars will be very unconfortable. Especially the bottom one. They are a bit concave from what I can see, but that probably isn’t enough.

I see a lowrider in my future. Nice construction.

Going to weave back too! Gimme the weekend.

A big project! Not too many this big. Cool, nice work!

Yeah of course, I assumed you would weave this part too. But after weaving it, you’ll be likely to feel those two bars if you put your back against the seat. Unless maybe if you tighten the weave with some crazy amount of force.
You have lots of space to make them more concave anyways, so it will be an easy fix :slight_smile:

Went back to the drawing board here. @forcerouge your point was well taken - switched around the crossbars.


Awesome job!!