RockyBoy's Lowrider

There is movement!! X, Y, & Z movement at least - no tools mounted yet.

3/4" MDF torsion box top w/ 1/2" plywood bottom, 33" wide by 72" long - it just fits in my shop better with this dimension, and it’s plenty large enough for the projects I’m thinking to use it for.

Also put the whole table frame on caster wheels so it moves around easily - with the table pushed up against the wall and the Lowrider slid over to one side, it makes a good workbench too!

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Nice build !

She works! Finally got a working needle style foam cutter making parts - took a few miss-steps to figure it all out. :slight_smile:

One thing I didn’t expect is the firmware motor steps calibration was off - I had to cut the X, Y, and Z axis values all in half to get a 100mm command to be a 100mm movement and not 200mm.

But it’s all working now! Just need to get a DW611 ordered and move on to plywood & mdf parts next :slight_smile:


Sounds like you’re 16th stepping (which is fine). Are you using the mini-rambo? On the ramps, that’s deteremined by the jumpers under the motor drivers.

But either way 16 or 32 are pretty similar.