Rodrigues Farm Sign

This was the reason I built the LowRider2 in the first place. Finally installed it today.

I planed and jointed 2 × 12" dimensional lumber (spruce I think) into a large blank, laser etched it on both sides and cut it out with the router. Final size is 5 feet wide. I finished it with many coats of spar urethane.

I used ESTLcam for everything,


Cool! Added to the #gallery-lowrider-cnc

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That is a lot of laser time, cool!

The installed sign looks great, high quality work.

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At least 24h per side of lasering. I did a lot of tests to find optimal settings. I use ESTLcam by pocketing as a 0.2 mm wide tool at 80% intensity and 1000 mm/min.