Rods too short on Z-axis of milled/mostly printed prusa style 3d printer


so i am in the middle of assembly and everything has gone fine but i am on the z axis of the machine and when i went to put in the rods they are too shot.

if i put them in the rod holders/clamps where the z axis stepper motors are they will not reach the top rod holders.

did i do something wrong? i checked and the rod is the right length. if i had the 350 mm rod that is being used on the y axis for the beg it would be enough to reach but at this time i dont know what to do.

help would be appreciated thanks.

Lets see a picture.

here are the pics

the pictures shows the rods on the y axis (the bed) are perfect, another one shows the rod that is too short, and the last shows the longest rod is sticking way past the rod holder at the top.

it doesnt look like any of pic of the guy referenced in a previous post that built it from twelvepro on thingiverse

This last batch came from my supplier 20mm short on the Z rods, I am working on a solution. For those of you that have bought a set recently and have found this thread Please email me.

Sorry, All my fault for not double checking.

Mine just got released from customs (9 days, ugh). I got some stainless threaded rod so I should be good but I will let you know.