Roller and Roller M

Ive accidentally printed out 3 rollers, and I now see i should have 2 roller and 2 roller M. I can see the difference between the two, but why. From what i can see there is no need for the angles, will it work if i print 4 x roller instead. I know it might be so the tubes can slide in easier or something, but once the motor plate is bolted to the top, its all hidden anyway.



It will work if your prints are decent.

The reason for the angle is print-ability. Some printers can’t do that angle well, so there is a mirrored version.

The mirrored version is to prevent the gantry from twisting with cruddy prints. If the angle is on the same side of the rail there is no twist, if it is on opposite sides there is 2x’s the twist (print error).

4th time this week, this is going in the FAQ’s.

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thanks for the helpful response,

My prints are fine, so i wont bother reversing.

I guess if there was a little more information about why they’re mirrored, i wouldn’t have asked this question, and i did do a search, but all i could find was you responding to someone on thingiverse about (its in the assembly instructions). Which it didn’t mention why it was like that.


I also couldn’t find specifically why it was like that in this forum either.


While I apreciate the response, i dont apreciate the snarky comment about “the 4th time this week”. You need to understand you’re going to get these questions.


I understand they can sometimes be mundane, and while im sure we all apreciate the effort put in by the original creator (not sure if that is you, or if you’re only a moderator on this forum), these questions are inevitable when there is a public forum about a product.

After looking at the search function again, I realised that if i search for Mirrored, I would get my answer. Instead yesterday i searched for roller and couldn’t find anything. i do apologize for wasting time.


It wasn’t snarky, it was a note for me to myself to put it in the FAQ. Which I did.

No worries then. Thanks