Roller F printing issue

When I run my machine, I have always been having issues with the x or y cross beam pulling on one side when the machine starts or changes direction. I thought my issue was with the middle assembly or that the machine wasn’t square. I just installed the new corners and they seem like a big improvement on the previous design and I am not sure I can get things any squarer than it is now.

While I was taking more of the machine apart to find problems I think I finally found the root cause of the issue. When I printed the Roller F parts I used supports which I think was suggested. The prints did come out pretty well except there was some sloppyness at the top of curve where the conduit sits. Since the the rollers are facing opposite sides the sloppy side are also opposite. The non-perfect semi circle does bias slightly in one direction. With both sides pulling in different directions it makes a pronounced difference between the position on the x-y rail of the rollers on each side.

I might be able to sand it a little more of shim it with something but I am not sure if that will get it close enough to avoid this problem. Have people had issues like this or problems getting perfect roller F parts printed? I am using 3mm PLA at I believe I printed those parts at 190 C with fans using a Taz 5. Any suggestions? I am pretty sure if the cross parts fit correctly in the Roller F blocks it would fix all of my problems.

Supports are not recommended. You can easily sand it smooth. If you are having issue with the overhang you are either extruding too hot, moving to fast, or your layer height is to thick.