Roller motor mount vs. solder-less

Hello, just printing out the parts for the mpcnc, and about to order the assembly kit of parts. I see the difference in parts between the solder-less and the roller motor mount, but can’t really tell why one is better? I did quite a bit of looking around, and I’m sure it discussed somewhere- but I have yet to find it. I saw in the parts section, it was mentioned in the wiring kit available. Can anyone help me out here? I already printed out one of the roller mounts, but suppose i could print out all new solderless ones as well. Thanks.


Depends on how you want to connect the motor to the wiring harness. Some options are soldering the wires to the harness, using a purchased terminal block, using RJ45 or other crimp or punch-down connectors, or printing the solderless mounts, which basically have a built-in terminal block. I use the solderless and I think it’s very easy to hook up and also to change if needed. When I recently created my clip on z tower connection mount for RJ45 and XLR connections, I also included solderless mounts for the versatility and ability to hook things up quickly.

So anyway, if you already know that you’re going to hook up the steppers with one of the other methods, you don’t need the solderless, but if you don’t already have the connections planned, I recommend the solderless.

Just my .02,


I printed the solderless mounts and after dealing with wires breaking I have since soldered everything. I will eventually install the RJ45 connectors that Karl uses on his MPCNC.


Thanks very much. I appreciate the answers, it was exactly what i was looking for.