Rolling base for a camera arm

From recent projects I CNC cut out of MDF using my LowRider 2:

This one is a rolling base for a camera arm that I built out of aluminum square tubes and 3D-printed parts (my own modifications were made to original plan by Alexandre Chappel). The MDF base is shown here after it’s been painted. I still have yet to install the base-ballast weights I created, as well as the vertical weight that counterbalances the main arm. I have almost all the parts ready to go, except one more 3D-printed part that needs a design tweak, and the metal round bar I am planning for the vertical weight, has yet to arrive (is late but they say it’s on the way).


I need to make something like this for my camera. I have a LED panel light that would be nice to mount to it too. Right now I’m using just a plain light tripod, but the base is HUGE and I’m always tripping on it.

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I have since basically completed it. I still need to get the counterbalance weight more spot on, and I have designed some cosmetic “covers” for the bottom ballast weights that I have not yet printed. Other than that, mine is now functional. One other thing I plan on doing, is creating a snap-on ring to attach to the vertical counterbalance weight, to fill in the gap between the weight and the 4" PVC tube, which would prevent the weight from bumping around inside the tube when moving the whole thing around.