Roseville LR2

Well it finally has started! I purchased all the goodies a few months back intending on a nice summer project but my company decided that i belonged in Houston instead of in my garage getting splinters. I'm back and i think i made good progress on my table today. i plant to have it "tilt" up kinda like a hand truck when im not using it. I have to say that because my wife insists "you wont use it all the time, so it needs to be out of the way"! I'll show her!

Any whatz, cutting area is 4'x3' for now and I can't wait to cover all my wife's cr@p that keeps ending up in my garage, in chips!

[attachment file=“117809”]
[attachment file=“117810”]

[attachment file=“117811”]
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I see you’re skilled in CAD, CAM, and CAT.

That is the same size as my LR, and I think it’s perfect.

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Fixed it for you…

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You guys ain’t kitten!

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Roseville MN or CA or Other?


Back at it…here’s a quick look at my control box.


Got the electricity flowing today and managed to keep all the smoke in! Next is to figure out how this controller and display thingy work.

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Time to do a crown I think.


Why not use the belt holders as you end stops like they were designed to do?

Ha! Yeah…the legos are temporary until I set up a permanent location for my laptop…I didnt want to move the belts.

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First cuts!
It’s a bear paw painting template for my son’s community project.


I’m learning!


Great finish and on MDF no less, good job!

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