Round Nose Tooling

So I received a few tools from our Regrind shop at work. One is a round nose tool 5 mm round.

So I am trying, but I wan to know if any one can comment on my set up.
I believe the -2.5 is correct from what I read, but just not sure. also question the 45 degree I put in.

I kinda want to try to cnc a coin.

I also put in 600 for it to go slower than I have done previous.

so the 45 needed to be 90, then everything else works pretty well. the 600 may have been a little fast, but maybe not. The test went pretty well. Now to design the coin on want

I’m not near my computer at the moment, but estlcam has a ball radius column. It might be hidden. There’s a setting to show more columns.