Router goes up and down and takes forever

I am trying to mill a bracket I designed out of pink foam using estlcam. I am using block mose and when I go to mill the part it takes like 50 minutes! it is only 4" the spindle mills it out like it is drilling holes what have I done wrong?

ft5-corner-bracket-foam.gcode (101 KB)

You are going to have to give more details. What size is the part, how much detail, what size endmill, what settings in estlcam, what type of paths, step down stepover, etc.

Sounds like you need to optimize your cutting paths or speeds, but really that is a wild guess.

[attachment file=“53451”]

I will tell you what i know 1/8 end mill the part is a 4" x 4" bracket see picture. I’m not sure what you mean step down or over. I did all the settings of estlcam from your “crown” tutorial That worked awesome


Okay, the problem is you are trying to use an STL. That is trying to carve a 3D part (with top curves and stuff) that takes a lot longer. If you just want to cut it out you should be using a DXF.

If you do want to actually do a 3D carve there a a bunch of settings you need to chose from. If that is the case you can hover over the settings to get an explanation of what it is or you need to show what you used so we can help. The settings are actually the most important part.

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so I need to export from fusion360 as a dxf and then us estlcam to cut the part?

export the dxf, use estlcam to make the gcode, and use repetier or the LCD to run the machine.

your the best. Great CNC machine design also. The brackets are to upgrade my 3d printer made out of 2020 extrusion!

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