Router Guide for grooves for Festool OF 1400

I made a router guide for my neighbour because the original one costs ~290€ for three pieces of acryllic. No thanks, Festool… I think it turned out well.

And here is the video:

The file: Festool OF 1400 V2.dxf (546.7 KB)


I only recently heard of Festool. It was only after researching mft workbench.

It seems that not everyone is a fan of festool, but if they are, they have alot of it.

Festool is a German brand that does really high quality tools, but they are reeeeaaaaaaaaally expensive. They have a great system where you can detach the power cords, also their dust collection is great. But paying 800€ for a tool that Makita sells for 200€ is not for me. Only Festool I got is an old sander in inherited of my grandfather, still branded Festo, so it’s really old, at least 30 years, rather 40. The replacement parts for the sander still fit though, that’s neat.

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I haven’t ever owned anything festool. But it seems like they are easily 50% better and 1000% more expensive. It would be nice if they were only double the price.

Some tools, like the high end makita track saw seem to come close.

I have one of their panel saws. Easily the best saw I’ve ever had.

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