Router Size and use of a Flycutter bit

Hi folks,

I’m looking at building the Lowrider in the next month or so. Part of what I need to do in my shop is setup a way that I can automatically plane a lot of different types of boards with a fly cutter. For example, I have a 450 year old oak tree slab that is over 7ft (in four pieces) in diameter that I really don’t want to have to run a router sled over a dozen times for each set I’ll be doing. Can the Lowrider handle a router with a 1/2 inch collet. I don’t need super speed on the unit as much as I need to be able to set it up to run and go do something while it planes (while under my watchful eyes). I wanted a unit that was very versatile to be able to do planing as well as CNC work.

Thoughts? Ideas?

It’s never a good idea to set and forget. You’re just asking for a fire…

A larger bit just means less passes slower, why not more passes faster? In the end if a robot is doing the passes either way I would stick with the known.

And larger bits are more expensive.

Yeah, it’s typically not something that I would totally walk away from but would monitor as I go. Yeah I’ve been looking at a 2 1/16 carbide that could be sharpened etc. Basically we are just trying to find a faster way to process a lot of specialty woods and end grains as well as start doing some cutting out parts/pieces on the CNC we can use in our shop and for production sale.

Honestly, get a fire ball and go do whatever you do. I make pens and knives and part of the process and drying and curing wood in a toaster oven. Could it catch on fire? Yep! Will it? Probably not, but with a fire ball you are at least protected from a total loss.

That fire ball is AMAZING!!! Woot! Sweet!