Router suggestions please

Reading over the documentation I see that the router of choice is the Dewalt 611. After doing a Google search it doesn’t seem to be readily available anywhere.

Are there any other routers that anyone would recommend? What is it about the Dewalt 611 that made it a good choice in the first place?

I’m very new to CNC‘s and routers. Feel free to talk to my like I’m an idiot.

The Makita rt0700 is also a popular one. I’ve got it myself and am happy with it.

Modifications for Lowrider to use Makita RT0700 or RT0701C

Altered files on Thingiverse

Between the forum thread and the Thingiverse files, there should be enough information there. The Makita plate is slightly different for mounting locations, and the vacuum shoe is altered to fit, also the insert to keep the exhaust air out of the work area.

I’m using the Makita RT0701C in my Primo, and the plan is to use one for a Lowrider as well. As a bonus, I have the base from the one in my MPCNC, so I would be able to pull it from the Lowrider and use it quite conveniently.

@drwoodcomb where are you looking? I just did a quick search and Home Depot has the DWP611.

One thing to keep in mind is DeWalt will update things every now and then. So there may be similar models. For instance the one I found was variable speed but all I hear here is the DeWalt is single speed. So it may be part of what you’re seeing. So hopefully someone can jump in as it would be nice to know what other models are in the same family that will work.

In NJ have been looking for a few weeks and HD are out of stock in store and online. I went with the Makita RT0701C. Just finished printing parts


The 660 is held on the side, is single speed, and has a mount for the mpcnc.

The 611 is larger, has variable speed (but not speed control, just torque control) and is held by its plate for the low rider. The 611 is a little big for the mpcnc, but works great for the low rider.

Oh sorry I get them confused.

Me too. Especially because the bigger one has the smaller number.

I also can’t keep track of the makitas. That is even harder because I don’t own the ones everyone talks about.


I’ve had Yellow and Black tools for decades. So yea it’s maddening.

And I’m surprised they don’t have a version of the 660 with variable speed.

I’m happy with my HF makita clone… has about 20 hours of cut time with no issues… cost me around 60 including the no questions asked extended warranty. If it’s like most HF gear I should burn through the brushes before the warranty expires.

I like the soft start and variable speed. Overall a good buy for the amount I use it.

Thanks for the recommendation. Do you know if this is brushless? I can seem to find any info about if it is or isnt. I’m not sure if that even matters but that was the only distinguishing feature I was aware of on the Dewalt 611 and assumed that was why it was recommended.

Not sure about the makita, but many of the routers used here are brushed. For example The dewalt 660 (for the mpcnc) is brushed. That is not why it was chosen. The big factors are weight, size, dependability, quality (as far as runout and such is concerned), cost, and availability. Or at least that is my understanding of why @vicious1 recommends those routers (he can correct me if I’m wrong).

If your not sure I would go with the dewalt or makita, they are the most used and supported routers. Witch means no matter what problem you face you won’t be alone and someone on here will be able to help.

Edit for clarity and to better answer the question :slight_smile:

@Atom DeWalt and Mikita are also two top brands. And for saving a few bucks, IMHO it’s not worth it for as inexpensive as they are.

Personally, if they were more expensive and the cheapos were a lot less then it might be worth considering. But the price difference along to me it’s not worth the hassle. Then add what you said, and the support here on those just makes them a no brainer.

But to each his/her own.

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