Routers available in the UK?

Apologies as I expect this has been asked before but I had a search through the forum and couldn’t find a clear answer.

I am in the process of printing and trying to find sources for all the other parts. The only thing I am struggling with is the router.

I cannot find the Dewalt 611 available anywhere in the UK. On searching the forum I found a post about fitting a Makita RT0700C which included links to different part designs. I have been able to find a couple of UK suppliers that can offer this at a reasonable price.

Should I go with the Makita RT0700C or is there a better product available in the UK?


I believe that the correct router is DEWALT D26204K-GB. I will be able to confirm tomorrow as I am about to fit mine.

Thanks for the suggestion, however that DeWalt is more than double the price of the Makita.

Is the DeWalt really worth that much extra investment?


I don’t know the specifics, but my quick answer is no. Any of these small routers are more than powerful enough, and their price is largely dictated by manufacturing scale. So my guess is you are paying a premium for an american sounding brand.

Hi Fraser. I’m using the Makita although I’ve only just started making my very first test cuts in the last couple of days so a bit early to say how well it works, but seems OK to me. Also got some 1/4 -> 1/8" adapters which seem to be working well at this very early stage. Good luck with your build.


I am definitely learning towardrs the Makita. It seems a reasonable price and I have used and abused Makita tools in work for a while now and I’m always impressed by quality and longevity.