Routing some wooden train tracks

My nephew loves trains, so I got him a little wooden train set from Ikea. Of course, his imagination is much larger than the tracks included. A quick google search turned up this dxf on thingiverse. A little Estlcam later, and I’ve got a test track:

Still needs a little tweaking, but I’m calling this my first successful job on my new MPCNC!

That’s awesome. I’ll have to remember this for when my niece gets older.

Can’t wait to try these

I was just looking at that thing and thinking about trying to cut it. They are only cutting one side right? The store bought ones I saw were cut on both sides but I can’t imagine getting that to work.

It is only cut on one side, that is correct. The store-bought piece on the left has an integrated joiner thingy, but the one I cut on the right does not, so it’s easy to just turn it around if I need it to curve the other way. The Thingiverse poster suggests bolts and locknuts to make joiner thingies, but also includes a diagram of them if you want to cut some yourself.