Rumpled wood

I’d been wanting to play around with organic carved shapes for a while. This was just an initial experiment, but I think it came out decent. Lowrider V3, piece of wood from a windfall tree. 1/4" straight bit for roughing and 1/4" ball nose for finishing. It required a bit of hand sanding to clean up, but that may have been down to how I set up the finishing pass.


Really awesome. Prank your guests with wooden towels. :smile:

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I like it. Very nice art piece.

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At first glance I thought it was flat planed super curly wood, but no… this is awesome!

Would you mind sharing info on the process/software you used to create the model?

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Sure! I used a Fusion 360 Add-In called Image2Surface to generate stl files from some height map images of wrinkled cloth. Then I used Estlcam to create the gcode. The process itself is pretty easy. The harder part was picking a result to carve, because they all looked kind of cool.


Oh, I already have that add-in installed from a previous project. So it WAS actually a towel lol. Thanks for sharing!

Me too. :smile: Everyone needs that add-on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very whimsical! I love that idea. Nice execution too.

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That is awesome!

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