Run 2 mpcnc from 1 computer

i am using mini Rambo, estlecam, and repeater host. 2 questions,

  1. can the usb plug be plugged in to my computer while power is on ?
  2. I want to run 2 mpcnc’ s from 1 computer at the same time, is this possible, and if so, how ?
  1. Yes.

  2. I’m not sure. I imagine you can use repetier host with one and another gcode sender, like cncjs with the other. I am not sure if you can run two repetier hosts on one machine.

I’m thinking of fuel injection which works multiple injectors simultaneously with one signal from the control unit. Of course it’s a simple on/off signal but is it possible to send data from one source over several lines at the same time? Or is there data flowing in both directions that would kill that possibility?

It wouldn’t make much sense to try to perfectly duplicate them. The setup wouldn’t be exactly anyway, and it would greatly limit your flexibility to use two machines.

I should say too, you can easily use an SD card with the lcd, and you would need zero computers for two machines. Ryan has 7+ printers, and doesn’t run any of them from a computer.

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I haven’t tried it but i’m thinking you can. I open a second repetier all the time to slice a model while i’m already printing with the first.

If you set up a second printer profile on a different com port in repetier for the second machine,i see no reason you wouldn’t be able to. I don’t know if sharing the same gcode file at the same time would cause an issue, but creating a copy of of the file for the second machine to use should cure that.

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If you have a Raspberry Pi you can use multiple instances of Octoprint or V1P1 to control more then 1 MPCNC
Chris’s Basement has a video explaining how to do that.

I am running three 3D printers with Repetier-server, so I think it should be possible to run multiple CNCs with it - it is just sending the g-codes. I had two printers running at the same time, starting multiple different prints and so far so good.

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