Running in the basement

Anyone running one of these as a cnc router in their basement? I need to move out of the garage so we can park in there in the winter. Anyone have any enclosures they can share?

I don’t know about enclosures, but I’d think a big enough tarp under the table and diligence with the shop vacuum would go a great way towards keeping things clean. Maybe plumb in the vacuum with a sky hook?

I’m planning to run mine in the basement. I’m in the process of building, and we will see if it all passes muster with the boss. Although mine only has a workspace of 12 x 24 inches, perhaps this will provide some ideas for you build. I’ve had a home build CNC years ago in the garage, and the two problems were dust and noise.

Here’s what I’ve got so far or plan:

  1. A worktable with a drawer for tools and computer
  2. A lip around the whole thing
  3. A removable cabinet top that sits on the lip, with some foam stripping between to seal in the dust.
  4. Viewports and cracks in seams are sealed.
  5. I need to still work on a way of sealing and closing the doors.
  6. A shop vac in a slapped together baffle box to help reduce the noise.
  7. I am also building a dust separator from one of the designs on Thingiverse.
  8. A dust shoe will also be used.

We will see how well this all works…

Tell us how the noise level is. I am not really worried about the dust but I don’t want the noise to be annoying upstairs.

I am running in my basement since day one… It is a very small room (120 sq ft). My machine is 5’ x 5’. I have 12" 600 cfm exhaust fan suck crap and fumes out of the room.

Fortunately when I built the room I insulated all the walls and the ceiling as well. So even directly above when the MPCNC is running you can barely here it if its pretty quite in the house. The room is also isolated from the return air ducts so it does not suck in stink when the laser is running.

I took some readings with an iPhone DB meter. Who knows how accurate it is, but it’s useful for comparison. Running a cheap black and decker router I had sitting around in the garage. Not cutting any material yet. I don’t have much sealing around the doors of the cabinet yet. And it seems like there some sound leaking from some areas. I think I can make some slight improvements. I’ll retest once I’m cutting material - probably a couple of weeks from now. See attached photo.

baseline with dryer and 3d printer running - 39

Router running…

            Inside room,             In next room,             Upstairs in living room with tv muted, but an oxygen concentrator running

Doors open: 90, 67, 50

Doors closed: 78, 29, 22