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Hi Ryan,

I was wondering if it’s possible to beef up the gantry so a larger spindle can be used for heavier bits that are 1/2" shanks. The 1/8 and 1/4" are okay for most projects but to use on bigger projects it would be nice to use a larger bit to remove more wood faster during the rough cut. !/8", 1/4" shank bit is really time-consuming to wait on.

I have the MPCNC. Does the Lowrider have the capability to use 1/2 shanks?

Thanks, Mike

You’d need a bigger machine. Half inch collet routers are heavy! Cutting forces are much greater as well, so you’d need to go with bigger steppers.

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Which you might be able to do with the current rigs. You’d need bigger steppers for sure, but you can get some incredibly powerful NEMA 17 steppers… Driving them may be problematic. And the forces on the belts will go up as well, so you may need to look into two-belt systems, or even switching to some other mechanical drive system. OK, so maybe not really with the current rigs, but with inspiration from the current rigs. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even think about those changes. I think I found a solution using pink foam instead. Carves fast. Now how to make the MPCNC move faster across the foam. What speed do you think I can get away with using pink foam?

Hi Barry, see the message I just posted on Kenneth Cummings post.

My thinking is change materials instead of machine. Then I can enlarge my machine about a foot in each direction too. I don’t think it will have much effect on cutting if I only cut pink foam. What’s your thoughts about this?

In that case, be like my wife, and make sure to provide the proper support to avoid unsightly sagging and drooping! :slight_smile:

And there’s no ‘G’! Why does everyone always want to stick a ‘G’ in my name!?! Think diesel engine, not author! :wink:

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No idea for speed. You’ll be able to max out the Z speeds though.

Someone here made a mount for the DeWalt 618, the big one

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On the mpcnc or the lowrider? I can see it on the lowrider.

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For which machine? MPCNC or Lowrider?