Sample 3d carving codes

I request for sample 3d carving gcodes for woodworking.

Plus Information about tool change for LR for from roughing to finishing.

Also is there a way I can do both roughing and finish at one go without tool change

Yes, just select the same tool in estlcam to do both and no tool change needed.

Thanks Ryan.

Aren’t the chances of breaking the bit high for rough and finishing passes if it’s same bit.

Reason I ask, roughing removes lots, and lots of chip load


Does estlcam produce good 3d reliefs

When you remove a lot of material it places high loads on the machine and is less accurate. When you do a finishing pass, you take a very light load and improve the surface finish and accuracy.


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And for carving it generates G-code as well.

In 3d relief isn’t it very likely to break bits due to random z heights changes

Resetting Z to zero after pausing and having control of that is possible with PCB or code or advanced options depending on the configuration.
It is not straight forward or not possible every time, you are right.