Sandify Bugfix Update v0.2.8

A new version of sandify is out. The biggest thing is that @bobnik fixed the gcode import bug, so we can import gcode again.

I know @jamiek also reported an issue a long time ago w.r.t. G01 vs G1, which Bob fixed as well


What is import gcode for? Someone emailed me about that and I totally thought they meant export.

  1. You can import a pattern someone has made for a cartesian gcode machine, and export it in another format, like thr or scara gcode.
  2. You can import a gcode pattern and add to it, scale it, whatever.
  3. You could import any other kind of gcode, from another cam program. IDK why you would, but you could. Even a sliced gcode from your lr3 core could be imported.
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Oh cool, some editing could be valuable.

That could make adding custom logos super easy, My buddy with the restaurant is sitting right next to me, Gotta get his logo in a table.

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It’s been on my issues list for a long time. Either and SVG or gcode input as a shape that can be rotated, scaled, etc would be a nice feature. gcode makes sense to me, but svg might make more sense elsewhere. The only trouble is that people are going to put things in there with more than one closed path.

Users, man.

Yeah telling my friend about that I tried to explain the paths and what would work and why some things could look bad.

Does this import just draw the imported gcode, or can it be used to import a shape that can then be used as a base shape like star, v1logo, polygon, etc.?

So far, it only imports it as a layer. It can’t be used as a shape. I want to add that at some point though.