Sandify Led control

In the process of building a sand machine and wondering if/how sandify handles led lighting. I’ll be using 5050 light strips and just need brightness and color control.

I’ve got Bart Drings fluidnc controller running the machine and was wondering the best way to control the lights via gcode.

It doesn’t have any LED control. I am not sure if Bart’s FluidNC can do any LED control.

I am using a separate ESP32 running WLED. It isn’t synced at all, but it still looks great to pick a color pattern and run some gcode.


It’s got 3 output pins exposed so i figured I might as well use them :slight_smile:

Well, the leds I use are addressable. So they only need one pin. But the logic to drive them is not trivial, especially if you are doing other “real-time” operations like running the drivers.

If you were just going to drive the red, green, and blue on a strip of 12V leds, you could do that if you added an LED driver (like a uln2008). Then you can probably enable, disable, or maybe even PWM those leds. But they would all follow the same color (you can’t have half be red and the other blue, and fade them in between).

Yeah I wasn’t after the fancy light show stuff may not even want color but dimming would be nice.

If you can figure out how to control it via gcode (maybe M42?). You can add the gcode to the starting and ending gcode. There isn’t any way to add anything like between each pattern.