Sandify Patterns

Some folks here have suggested that a system of sorts be set up such that patterns can be shared amongst community members. In an attempt to kick off what I hope will become a large repository of sandify-generated patterns, here’s my first submission.


;  Content type: shape
;    Selected Shape: Web
;    Large circle radius: 21
;    Small circle radius: 19
;    X offset: 0
;    Y offset: 0
;    Number of loops: 135
;    When transforming shape: smear
;    Spin: true
;      Spin (+/-): 1.2
;      Spin by: function
;        undefined: (i-(6^1.75))*sin((i-(i^1.15))/(6*(i/18.5)))
;    Grow: true
;      Scale (+/-): 125
;      Scale by: constant
;    Track: false
;  Path reversed: true

Reversed: (center->out)

I also have the SVG file, but can’t figure out how to share it here. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Open to comments and feedback. Hoping others share as well!



Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. @vicious1, can you enable uploads of .SVG files?

Looks like I’ve got a bug with the math function saving as undefined :blush:


Just added it, does it work?

Sorry my notifications seem to be delayed a few hours.

Just tried. It allows the file type, but was disallowed due to file size. My file is 4.4MB.

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