Sandify Pen Drawing

I have some wall space and we bought the marble machine X poster. This is the one from wintergatan. But it looks lonely, so I’m making some pen drawing art to keep it company. Here is the first:

Video of it cruising along (at 30mm/s).

It was a total of 23 mins. I will post a finished photo when I get it all cleaned up. But it’s too exciting not to share.

The pattern was made with sandify. The shape is a new Reuleaux shape, growing, spinning, with two switch backs. The pre gcode lifted the pen, moved it to the first xy, dropped the z and set the speed. Then the end gcode lifted the Z back up.


Nice, super clean lines, hauling butt for a LR!!

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And I love the sound too.

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Finished, in the frame:

This is it’s buddy, Ryan’s mrrf drawing of the mpcnc.

On the wall

The whole thing (toddler foot for scale):


Dude, that is such an amazing wall. I feel honored actually. You, Me, and the crazy marble man!

I need to do something similar, I have so many empty walls. That is just amazing. Thank you for sharing that! I have a few framed creations, single they look a bit out of place, together though, that is magic.


Someone on twitter asked for the sandify settings. Here they are:

I am currently very happy with it. I am very grateful to this community and the designs and solutions we’ve come up with together. I smile when I come around the corner and I’m reminded of that. I am looking forward to engaging with guests about it.

My wife is also happy with it. And not just in a “happy for you” way. She played with sandify for a while to help brainstorm patterns and she suggested I add the Colorado School of Mines shape. Plus, she thinks it’s cool to see it draw. She’s often my toughest critic, especially on stuff that makes it inside.

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Very cool! I have the exact same marble machine poster in my office. Fits well with the drawing for the MPCNC :smiley:

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I have Adam Savage’s tool box poster up in my office. Along with the mpcnc drawing. Still need to got my Diresta print framed.

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Looks great!

Now run the cables for those lights down the inside of the wall :slight_smile:

I would, but this room doesn’t make wiring easy, and I really would rather have recessed lighting.

You can’t drop the wires through cut outs in the sheetrock like you would a TV?

That sucks.

I could, but that’s not where I want the lights. I want them in the ceiling. At some point, I will do that, but this was a compromise in the meantime. The previous solution was a floor lamp.


Wintergatan is great. Being a fellow swede It is even more interesting :slight_smile:
Nice drawing with your “Penify”

And how about that 3d drawing of MPCNC…I seen it but I have not found the source file. My machine wants to draw its origin and I even have a suitable place in my garage for it.

Pls share :wink:

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It is from Ryan, and I think he made it for mrrf 2018. I think mrrf 2018 will find the file.


I found it


I made another one of these for a friend (who also went to Colorado School of Mines) and I couldn’t find the same pen. This is a sharpie fine tip blue and it just really pops. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is almost 3D.


that is awesome. which one is that?

Realeaux triangle, settings are:

Except the starting size needed to be a lot smaller, like 2.7. Probably something changed in the scaling through the versions.

I drew it on my low rider. I used the starting and end gcode from the sandify wiki: