Sandify Update v0.2.4

New version of Sandify. Bob and I have been having fun writing this stuff. I hope you all enjoy it. Details are in the release notes, but since there’s no way to talk about it, please post your thoughts here.

Big thanks to @bobnik. This really is Bob’s work.

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Now we can make seating labels and they all face the right way!

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Yes you can! You can also give each person their own shape.


The wiki is pretty awesome, I have never tried using a function instead of a constant. I am pretty excited to try that.

I have my table that way right now, the kids will not let us sit anywhere but at our names!


That would be so cool rearrange the seating in the middle of the meal.

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They would love that…I need to make a new file!

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Have it spell out “Eat your veggies!” during the meal? Or “Who wants ice cream?”

It is slow enough, you could troll them with:

Who wants ice cream?!

Then eat your veggies.

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