Sandify Update. Version 0.2.0

New Version of

Bobnik has been working hard behind the scenes on this update of Sandify.

This version is 0.2.0 (think version 2, but still just a hobby project).

More coming soon

The motivation for this update is a few really neat new shapes and some upcoming features. Assuming we don’t lose steam, there are some very interesting new features coming. If anyone would like to see the progress in more detail, keep an eye on the github where I am trying to track issues and pull requests better.

New Layout

To fit the ever growing number of shapes, we added a menu in the shapes tab that will let you pick from the many shapes now available.

The wiper functionality is still there, but it is in the menu now, in the “ERASERS” section.

We can also make up a preset for each shape, so the very complicated shapes coming in from Bob are preset with something that is reasonable, and interesting. But feel free to mess around all you like. There is now a “Restore defaults” button to return to the default options.

Machine settings have moved.

You may also notice that the machine settings have moved to a tab, and the machine preview is a bit more slick, and has better visibility.

New Patterns

And, because updates are more fun when you can make new patterns, Bob has also written up two new, very interesting shapes:

Fractal Spirograph

The Fractal Spirograph does some very neat patterns by moving circles inside circles inside circles. The preview doesn’t really do it justice either, the pattern on the machine is even cooler.

Tessellation Twist

The Tessellation Twist creates this densely packed set of triangles, and then visits them all, which is great to watch come to life. If you want to see how it is done, take a look. It is pretty neat.

Thank you Bob!

These changes are pretty huge, and they are even bigger in the code. This work is 99% from @bobnik , but he is doing a great job of working together with me to work with my vision and feedback. It is really quite a donation to the project. :clap:

Feed this Passion

If you’ve got a minute, take a tour and see what you think. You can use these patterns in your ZenXY or other sand table, or you can draw using a pen on your MPCNC or LR. We get great motivation seeing this get used by you, so please share comments or photos. We also don’t have extensive testing, so if you find something wrong, let us know because we probably just didn’t test it the way you used it.



Am I missing something, it doesn’t seem like it likes larger than 6 sides on these? Or am I just ignoring the difficulty in generating them? :slight_smile:

No, it is limited to 6 ATM. I have an idea to increase it, but it will take some testing.

Bob made a PR to remove the max and let you do any number of sides. I have deployed it :tada:

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