SandTable software open release

Michael Dubno has released his sand table software written in python that generates patterns on a RPi and sends them to a sandtable. It can use google to locate images then convert them to gcode and draw them on the table. It can also display text and includes controls for multicolor LED lighting. And it has provision for making movies by drawing sequences of images and triggering a camera. All controlled via your phone, laptop, or tablet via a web server. Here it is now…

I used it about a year ago and it was great! Check it out!


Hey Mark,
I have a problem with Michael Dubno’s read me or with the installation process. Could you give me a few tips on how to get it going? Does it work for you?

I haven’t tried to run it in about a year. You might reach out to Michael Dubno- he seems to be a pretty friendly guy. Here’s his email from when I was corresponding with him about it:

As I recall, there was some compatibility issue with the code and RPi 4th gen. It worked fine on a 3rd gen board for me.

THX Mark