Saying Hi, Have Discord?

Just saying hi and that I am starting my journey learning all about the MPCNC. I have looked before and drooled but I do actually have a bit of time on my hands due to big rona and a little, tiny, bit of cash to spend.

I haven’t used forums in years so I was wondering if yall had a Discord server or anything?

Anyways. I am in Waco, Texas and I already saw a few people around the state. Looking forward to meeting yall.

There is a Discord around here somewhere, but it’s pretty quiet… This is where things really happen.

Welcome to the rabbit-hole! It’s deep and dark, but there’s lots of friendly folks who will gladly guide you along the way… :rabbit: (note to self: find some Watership Down emoticons for the site)

As to why there isn’t a more visible Discord channel, the fact that I can search this forum and find the following quickly kind of answers that… :slight_smile:

hint: Read at least through Ryan’s first reply…