Scaling Factor

I have my mpcnc built it is running but objects are twice the size they should be. For example a test 40mm cube is 80mm. I’ve used the B16_32_8mm-fullG-112515 firmware which is for 16 tooth 32nd stepping (that is all links in underneath the stepper drivers) and 8mm threaded rod. I have set Repetier-Host as per the screenshots and can’t find any reference to a scaling factor. I’ve probably missed something but looking for any pointers. Regards Jim

Sounds like you are using the other style drivers, a49’S?

They are only 16th stepping. You need to edit the firmware and cut all axis steps in half.

That’s it A49’s , so is it the entry in configuration.h
#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {200,200,5120,200} // default steps
becomes {100,100,2560,100} ?
Thanks for such a great design.
Regards Jim