Scrap wood and clamp storage

Another weekend spent in the shop, and more storage built. I did finally get the MPCNC fired up again. That project isn’t close to being finished, but I’ll be sure and post about it when its done.

I had all Sunday afternoon to myself. I decided to try out the AC on the shop. It was 95 outside, so I set the AC to 85. Looks like it burned about 20 kwh between the AC and all the tools I was running.

Once I had it a nice comfortable temperature in the shop, it was time to get to work. I’ve been needing some place to put my clamps and some of the smaller cut offs. The kids had some storage containers for toys that they weren’t using anymore. The initial plan was to make two carts. One for cut offs and one for the clamps. I did some googling and found some designs I liked. I merged a few of the ideas together and came up with the pictures from below. I still need to make the hangers for all the clamps, but you get a good idea of how it will turn out. (really need to figure out why my pictures don’t rotate)

Dang I like that. I just put up a rack on the wall…I think I would much rather make one of your style. I must say, I use more of the wood I have on hand when I can see it. I used to have it all stacked in a back closet and I always just went and bought more wood, now I use what I have on hand a lot more often!

Yeah. I’m the same way. I always had the smaller scraps just crammed into a large green tote. I never knew what I had.

The larger stock is all on shelves on the wall. I still don’t know what I’m going to do if I start buying raw lumber in 16’ lengths.

I managed to get one mount for clamps built last night. For a woodworker, I don’t really have a lot of clamps. I should have plenty of room for what I have with room for some growth.

Finished the clamp side last night. One of the wheels is sticking and not rotating correctly. I’ll have to unload it to take the wheel back and get another one. Then I think I’ll give it a few coats of spray paint. I was able to clean up some of the shop afterwards. It was nice being able to roll the cart to the pile of scraps on the floor and load it all into the bins.

I have room for more clamps. I think that’ll be my next purchase after I get a real dust collector. I had dust EVERYWHERE at the end of this project.