Screen files and settings


I have a lowrider 2 with an skr pro and this screen TFT70 V3.0.

I see different suggestions on touch mode / marlin mode, which cables to connect and I am a little lost. My screen says no printer connected. I have the default LR with dual endstop loaded in my SKR and it all works.

Is there a specific upgrade I need to do to the TFT to get it to talk?

What about the LR firmware is the screen setting turned off or on by default?

Do both touch and marlin mode work or do I have to pick one?

Your TFT has firmware of its own. If you purchased from V1, it should be flashed with the correct firmware, though I see a few instances where the someone has had to flash it again. If not purchased from V1, then you will have to flash the firmware.

There are three cables connecting your TFT to your SKR Pro board. Two of those cables support Marlin mode. The third cable is used by the TFT firmware to communicate with Marlin. You can switch between Marlin mode and TFT use by holding the control knob down on the display for three seconds. Both modes are available. In one mode, the screen is driven by Marlin, in the other the screen is driven by the TFT firmware.

You can find more information including information about the TFT firmware here.

Nothing Robert said is wrong, but let me fill in a little more detail, because I have been poking at this recently.

The version linked in the docs (Vx.x.26) is what I would call the “stable” version, and it has some issues. If that’s what’s on your screen, then I would use Marlin mode for almost everything, and only use the touch mode if I was doing the terminal to send an M119 or something.

There is a newer version (which we don’t have a good name for yet) which is nov2021:

This newer version is still being put through it’s paces, but it seems to be a bit more stable, but it is brand new, so I would be prepared for some issues. The touch mode should be rock solid though. Despite it being new, the marlin mode doesn’t really use much of the firmware from the screen, the skr is doing all the work there.

There were a few users that were having trouble flashing the screens. They found that during the flashing process, the gray cables were causing problems. So the workaround was to disconnect the gray cables, flash the screen, reconnect the gray cables, and then switch to Marlin Mode for a good experience.

As for your “no printer connected” message, that is usually just a problem with the baud rate. It should be set to 250k, not 115200. If that isn’t the issue, then it is either a problem with the skr firmware, the tft firmware, or the black cable connecting them. You can tell if you have some form of V1 firmware on the screen, because the splash screen is the red on black V1 logo.

Thanks I will give the new one a try!

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In the main menu, do you have a “Temperature” menu? The fan is in there. I am looking at a printer config right now, so I’m not sure if that is present in the cnc version.

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So I have the tft7.0

And I put the files on my sd card like this…

And when I reboot my screen it says card inserted but doesn’t do an update. Do I need a different firmware for the 7?

I’ll answer my own question somewhat… I found a tft7 firmware on big tree’s website and could update it that way so I know the update process works. It must recognize that the 35 files are for a different screen and that is why it wouldn’t update. Is there any way to convert the v1 firmware to the 7" screen?

I have never tried but I think you need your own tft folder (maybe not I think they might all be the same resolution), definitely need your own bin file, and I think the config will work from ours.

That is graphics, firmware, and settings.

The new V1 firmware is very close to the current master in the bigtree repo. You should be able to compile the 7" version. I am not sure when they update the bins in the repo for updates.

You also need the changes we made to the config.ini. If you want the v1 logo, you need to copy it from the tft35 folder.

Do you have any guide on how to make the changes to the big tree firmware to make it compatible with he v1? If its a lot of work maybe I should just buy the 35 screen.

What we just did was get the code into the btt firmware to allow extruders =0 in their build (on master).

So it should work for the v1 machine until it gets broken.

There is still some testing to do, and fancy features like the laser screen is gone. But the default firmware works (with our config ini file).

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As of right now I have the nov-2021 version on my skr, and the big tree tft7 firmware. Before doing all this it homed fine, but now one of the Z’s is homing backwards. Do I change the settings, or do I flip the stepper?

Does the stepper move the right direction (+Z is up)?

i have the dual and one moves up and one moves down. Prior to the flash they both moved the same direction

Ok. That isn’t an issue with the screen. It is something with the v513 skr firmware. If it isn’t too hard, flip the stepper plug. Otherwise, go back to v510.