Screen necessary?

Hello friends and happy new year!

My MPCNC works now fine. Im still building the enclosure but I am really happy!! Already cut some wood pieces. (MPCNC is in the box)

Now i want to build the MP3DP. My current 3d printer is almost 5 years old and dont have a heated bed. So after I am so happy with the MPCNC I want to build the MP3DP, but one thing i dont understand: If I buy the Mini Rambo 1.3 does the MP3DP work without a screen?

Is the screen just optional?

Thank you for your help!

Greetings Gino

You need some way to tell your printer to do things, move, heat, home, print. This can be done with a computer attached to the Rambo, either be it a Raspberry Pi with Octopint, a PC with Repetier or what else. The latter being the least reliable.

Then you strictly don’t need a screen. When you want to do the things from your printer itseft, it is very handy to have a screen. The second purpose of a screen is that you can monitor your printer. Things like temperatures and so are displayed. Most screens have a SD-card slot so you can place your printfiles on a SD-card and print directly from the Rambo/screen.

A simple screen does not cost much…

Thank you keeze for your fast reply!

So i will get a screen!

For my Dremel 3d20 I used simplify3D and started the print directly from there over USB. Do you know if that will also work for the MP3DP?

Now i got another question. I dont like the screen with the single button. Do you know if there is a touch screen for the Mini Rambo 1.3?


I hate to be contrary, but I think a better solution is the OctoPi, with a touch screen. It’s much more versatile, you can connect it to both the CNC and the 3D and run them from any computer on your network.

With the PiMoroni HyperPixel display you can also do touch at the machine. Chris Riley has a couple YT presentations about it. I’m planning on doing that with my system.


Hello Mike,

thats exactly what i want!

Im a bit nervous if i can handle the pi with all the console commands but I will try it!

So i could build the MP3DP with the mini Rambo but without a screen, but controll it via touchscreen on the rasberrypi, right?


Let me get an installation done, with the OctoPi and CNC.js and see what I can do to interface to the Screen.

I think I will just need to open a browser on the Pi and connect to the local server.


Thank you Mike!

Will also order a Pi with a touchscreen.

Everyone has his own opinion and workflow, and that is great. This way the TS can shine his light from different angels!

I use Octoprint(pi) on all the printers I have here (3) and love to have the screen. I don’t want the Pi do more than it should and not handle a touchscreen. I use SKR 1.4 boards with the touch screen by the way. And it works great (for me).

But as I said, everyone has his own preferences and workflow…

I have a new question… Sorry.

I just looked for the SKR board.
These are way cheaper than a Rambo mini with Rasberrypi and a screen.

Now im not sure, does all of these boards use the same MP3DP firmware?

Firmware has to be altered for the board you use. I built the firmware for my SKR 1.4 Turbo on my MP3DP myself using the firmware someone here built for the SKR 1.3. Afaik there are no V1-maintained firmwares for the SKR-boards for the MP3DP ( Releases · V1EngineeringInc/MarlinBuilder (

Perhaps @jeffeb3 or @vicious1 can step in here?

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I have not tested it explicitly, but I believe any board that is a drop in replacement for a cr-10 should work with the Rambo firmware.

I just saw there is already a SKR v2.0 with build in 2099 drivers.

I think i will order it and then just try :grinning:

Thank you everyone who replied here and helped me!

I have a touch screen attached to one of my printers runming octoprint. I am using octodash, which is working very well. It is much more responsive than the browser based touchui.

For my mpcnc I use bCNC on a pi3 with a 7" touchscreen, portable bt keyboard/touchpad, and a printed box with 3 big easy to reach buttons for start/pause/e-stop. bCNC has been perfect for the task. I use the macro buttons for zeroing xy with a touchblock, the probe button for zeroing z, and tool change for manual tool changes between operations. the facing operation is convenient for spoilboards. The interface is also easy to use IMHO, and makes cutting things that much more fun.

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