Screen yes or no

Just wanted get a consensus if it is best to run the MPCNC with or without a screen.

I did not purchase a screen as at the time I did not see a need for it. Not sure if I see a need for it yet either as its should be fully controllable from the attached pc.

A computer can do it all and I feel a computer is actually kind of easier. The down side is a computer tends to screw up a little more often if it isn’t a dedicated cnc computer. If it goes to sleep or your doing something that causes a freeze (for me solidworks occasionally chokes my machine).

It will be a dedicated machine attached to the underside of the table with no power management set. In the 7 months I have owned my 3d printer I have used the screen twice to print from the SD card as a test.

No screen it is.

Luckily for me, I’m a computer tech, so when clients get rid of old xp laptops I keep a few every now and then. Usually I’ll load up linux on them and use them as dedicated whatevers, but I scored a windows 7 laptop a month ago, so now it sits in the barn and runs repetier and estlcam. I’ll do all the cad stuff on my desktop in the house and drop the files in my onedrive folder, which gets replicated to the laptop.

LOL me too Barry. I usually have move parts and machines kicking around then I know what to do with. I am just gonna take a Dell Optiplex 760 or 780 apart and mount it on the underside of the cnc