Screwing around with heightmaps

I have an idea in my head, just trying to figure out how to make it. Does anybody know how to model water drops? I’ve figured out random heightmaps with Bryce 3d, but it can’t do round water drop ripples. Here’s what a terrain looks like though.
Google Photos
Google Photos

I’m looking for a way to model something like this.

Really nice looking! I can’t help, but sure wish I’d thought of it first. :slight_smile:

That’s really cool. What material are you cutting?

Last week I was trying out this thingy:
Wanted to get something that looked like waves.

There must be some product/software for generating this for CNC work. One of the walls where I work looks like some terrain made with a CNC. The software must be out there someplace.

It’s just plain 3/4" exterior grade plywood. The colors are from the glue laminations. I think they use different colored glue to check for coverage at the factory.

Thanks for the info!

I thought a single water dropplet followed something like a 2d sinc function (sin(x)/x). I wonder if you could get something neat by adding a bunch of them together. You could change the phase of the sine function to have it be in different “stages” of the dropplet, I think.

There was a forum post here a really long time ago where someone was making stls with math in autocad, I think.

Oh, yea!

What I would do is a 2D drawing (photoshop or GIMP), using the “path” tool and draw half of the shape of the droplet viewed from the side, convert into svg and then rotational extrusion in a 3D design software.

This would only work for one single droplet though.

Don’t know if my explanation is very clear… XD

Still roughing…

Holy crap! Still roughing. It said it was only going to take about 4 hours to run, that was thirteen hours ago!

Holy cow!

Roughing finished at 9:40am. Started yesterday at 6pm!

Wow. How did it turn out?

I don’t know. I’m not at home.?

Also, that was just the roughing passes, still have to run the finish passes.

Ran across this a while back.
Over my head but looks pretty cool. Brian Grunblau has two different pretty sweet cnc routers.

Remember kids, when rezeroing your Z, zero off the uncut part!

So here’s the rough cut.
Google Photos
Google Photos

The texture is subtle, but I kinda like it. Finish cut is going now. Working much better now that the z is the right height! Was trying to cut about 4mm deep before, now only about 1mm, which is what it’s supposed to be doing!

Well, the storms must have flickered the power sometime last night. Lost connection somewhere in the middle of the cut. What it finished looks good though! I’ll post up a pic when I get home from work.

Oh no seriously?! That sucks. Pretty sure we are all going to by UPS’s before we start a long cut now.

It’s have to be a pretty big ups! I think it did okay even though it quit. I had it running a second finish pass vertically after the first horizontal pass, it died on the second pass. I just shot it with some white primer paint to see how it looks. It’s very hard to photograph.