SD card files for MPCNC

As a follow up to my previous post on screen missing icons:

Does anyone know how to get the SD card files for the graphic smart screens to convert the 3D printing menus to CNC menus?

From what I remember about this problem, one has to load the SD card with the new graphics then power up the screen module. When the micro on the screen module sees the correct files, it programs them in.

People have done this before, but I heard NO ONE on YouTube ever talk about it.

Kind of important, don’t you think?


The LCD is dictated by the firmware and most all functions are both 3D printer and CNC useful. Some people get in there and delete things but most don;t add anything. It is a little complicated and can not be done by an SD file.

Are you referring to updating the menus on the MKS-TFT screen via SD card?