SD card on full graphic smart controller not working

Hi, I have this full graphic smart controller:

I can get it to control my CNC, but I can’t get it to read an SD card. I have tried various different cards, all 1 GB or 2 GB, and 1 16 GB SDHC card. I have tried formatting both FAT and FAT 32, and I have tried formatting both with the Windows utility and with SDFormatter. I have also tried wiggling the card and removing/reinserting, but no matter what I do, the display always reads “no SD card.”

I bought everything from here. Any other ideas of what else I could try?



If you have tried resetting with the card in and it still doesn’t work send it in and I will test/fix/or replace it.

Actually, try swapping the cables, one is basically for power and the other is for the card. If there is a bad connection or a broken wire that could fix it.