SD card support with Full Graphic Smart Controller

Hey folks. I’m trying to figure out how to print a file from the full graphic smart controller SD card. I have saved the Gcode from rep host but I can’t find a place to access the SD card. my guess is that I don’t have something enabled in the Marlin firmware?? The controller works fine and controls the machine great but I can’t find out how to run code from the SD card.

Any help is appreciated!

I have the older non-graphic 2004 LCD, but I imagine the menu structure is the same. On mine, I press the control knob (it’s also a button), and on the menu that appears, the last item is Print From SD Card. Select it, click, then the screen shows all files with extension of .g or .gcode. Select the file to run, and click. As soon as you click, the machine will begin to execute the code. You’ll want to make sure you have your zero points set correctly before you do that.

Hope that helps,


And sometimes you have to kind of wiggle the SD cards to get them to recognize for some reason. So if it says no SD Card try to re-insert it.

I figured it should be something on the first menu page but the thing is that I don’t get anything on the menu related to sd card. the “no SD card” doesn’t show on the menu when I start up with no sd card or when I start up with it in there. I tried the wiggling thing but nothing changed. All I get on the menu screen is “return to info screen”, “prepare”, and “control” Nothing about the SD card. Which makes me wonder if I didn’t do something to the marlin code. I did buy it from the site here but I couldn’t get the code to compile without error when I tried to uncomment the smart controller line in the code. So I downloaded the stock marlin code and made the changes you recommended and uncommented the define smart controller and then it compiled. Is there something in the code that activates the SD card specifically?

If that is the one you bought it will not compile unless you add the file that is linked in that page.

So I’m brand spanking new to arduino but I added the u8glib to my library and thought I did it correctly but it’s very possible I did it wrong. If I did it wrong would the controller work at all? I have the screen working and it will control the machine manually.

If you have the library installed it will show up in the library’s tab, and I have a pre-configured sketch for the full graphic here.

check in Marlin Configuration.h if you have uncommented the #define to enable the SD card support:

#define SDSUPPORT // Enable SD Card Support in Hardware Console

More than likely you need to find somewhere you can still buy standard sd (not sdhc) cards and keep the size below 2gig or it most likely won’t read your card.