SD Init Failed

Apologies for starting a new thread as the related thread has been dormant for 7months

My rambo 1.4 board is located under the table at a back corner, up until now I have had the controller connected with about 1m length of ribbon cable which I let dangle underneath the table and gave me just enough to balance it on top.

Recently decided to wire it properly, routing the cable around the inside perimeter and popping it though the table top for neatness. Its around 1.75m long, but I’m getting the SD Init Fail issue…

from original thread;

Does this have to go in any particular file, or are there any other changes/removals that need to be made for it to have the desired effects? I’ve put it at the top of the configuration.h file but I’m still getting the failure after re-flashing.

That just is not going to work. 65cm is about as far as you can go reliably.