Second z axis motor

anybody know what took for, and how to adjust a second z axis motor. a guy send build a firmware for me and I got z wizard. that part looks pretty good. I am wondering if i should connect to the second z axis port on the mb or just keep it in parallel. with my problems probably won’t hurt being slower. I didn’t know if there is something to look out for or not. my z axis rail is even but I don’t know if it will be as it goes up. I may keep the motor on there and put a pulley’s at the top with a timing belt, to help. any idea’s reason i did the upgrade was because i put a filement motor on the carriage or what ever you call it. and I thought maybe as it went right it was weighing it down. I have a video of my 3d printer printing I don’t know how to send it. maybe someone could tell me what its doing.

First off, for what machine? Your description sounds like it’s a 3D printer. Pictures would also be helpful.

A LowRider already has 2 Z axis motors, and I can’t see how you would add a second motor to a Primo, so I’m going to assume a 3D printer.

Second, you are probably still way better off adding another motor to the driver in series, instead of parallel. The only case where this isn’t true is if your power supply doesn’t have the voltage to drive the 2 motors, but most of these are fine with 12V even, and it’s no problem at all with 24V.

Third, what control board are you using? Some have outlets for dual Z motors already. Most RAMPS boards do, for example, though those are typically in parallel, instead of serial. My Duet board has 2 Z motor connections in series. Running in parallel, you need to set up double the amperage through the driver, be careful, this can get them very hot. In serial, it’s the same current, so not as much danger of overheating.


ender 3 pro. btt mb it has an extra z axis motor plug. It goes slower but so far my print im printing now is good. I level it on both sides, and its looking pretty good now. little loud and i think its hitting the print now and then. so i need to investigate that. thanks for the reply