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The plan is to replace the penny table I built in the living/great room. Okay, it’s a great room, what else do you call a room with 20-something feet of couch? It all depends on how pretty I can get it.

That table is awesome, maybe use the pennies around the border?

If I had a room like that I would have to start smoking cigars, get a smoking jacket, fur rug, and I would always sit there contemplating life while staring lazily into the fire. Pretty sweet, nothing like that around here.

I probably have enough extra pennies. These are epoxied down.

Man, that is awesome looking. I want to try it…my to do list is getting insanely long.


Camera settings on my phone are identical for both videos, they really help!

Dam! That is a pretty big difference.

Yea, used to be able to hear my 3d printer anywhere in the house, I have a really big house. With the dampers, the loudest thing now is the power supply fan.

Mark did a video and tried them out and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Yours is drastic. I swear I had a box of them I would really hate to buy more. I will go dig around this weekend and see if I still have them.

I’ve got four of those just waiting to get installed. Maybe this weekend…