Serial Numbers

I will say that having a low number machine may help with street cred on the forum. Knowing someone has used the machine since the beginning tells me they may have a bit more experience than someone that started using it last week.

I know I fought through a few issues with my primo upgrade that hadn’t been seen yet.

You definitely already have that reputation though. :slight_smile:

I think this has to start with new versions or updates.
For older builds you can very easily use your build date year month day, 20150315 = first publicly seen MPCNC. With that is is very easy to see how long that build has been around…but for me that build lasted about 3 days. I swapped parts nearly daily for the first few months.

The easiest public tracking way to do it would be a public thread. At some threshold your build can be posted with a picture and any info you want to add, but no other commentary, then you get that number.

So if I start a MP3DP Repeat thread and post a picture of my build, I would get Repeat#1, or primo#1, 525#1 etcetera. Plugin in and scripts slow down the server and require troubleshooting occasionally, and I am fighting to keep them at a minimum. The BBpress forums were a nightmare to maintain because of all the necessary plugins.

Unless there is another easy suggestion. I will start that and see how it goes.

I am all for getting a number and having some sort of record of builds, but it really can’t take a lot of “desk time” as that is at a very high premium for me.



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With that in mind I say we go back to one of the early suggestions. Just use the existing forum. Setup one thread for each machine. Users submit a build photo with a crown test and then we look at the Forum Post number. You know this one listed in the URL.
https:// forum.v1engineering. com/t/serial-numbers /29488/44 <-------- 44
Just have a blank template with instructions that people can use to engrave or print their own custom plate. Put the ownership and the work onto the user. If its important to them then they will do it and wear it as a badge of honor.

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First off, I wish to apologize for my part in what appears to be a firestorm over serial numbers. [quote=“vicious1, post:33, topic:29488”]
I am very overwhelmed and behind on all the online stuff

Zen instructions coming? Who needs serial numbers :slight_smile:

I was going to offer to host a registry site, as a way to give back to this community and to it’s founder for all the help and advise I have received over the past few years, not to mention the debt of gratitude to Ryan for the countless thousands of hours he puts in.

But I see there is a plan forming using the existing forum, so I will sit down and be quiet.

Maybe I’ll use the time instead to cut my zen conduit (measure once, cut twice…)

Not at all. I just have to jump in sometimes and give some feedback. I would love to have a serial number program. I love the suggestion.

The back story here is we have tried all sorts of things (user maps come to mind) and if you were to create something and lose interest I have to jump in and take over, delete it, or just abandon it when there is an issue I can not fix. When a database is involved it gets over my abilities at that point, and it sounds like another web portal I would need to keep track of for security and updates.

This sort of thing needs to be simple for two reason.
1-there are a considerable number of users that are at a computer skill level where attaching photos to an email can be difficult, or mobile only users. So for everyone to play it has to be easy.
2-I am not particularly well versed in web based apps or scripts ( I still struggle with the github docs).

A while ago I had a related idea which I never mentioned, that there could be engraved painted brass nameplates like the old-time machines, with distinct serial numbers, (just 00001, 00002, 00003, …) that could be sold as swag for like $100. Sort of like a vanity badge of honor and showing support for V1. Totally optional of course but given that people spend money for skins in video games… clearly people spend more for less.

And with distinct numbers it discourages “cheaters” since it would presumably be embarrassing to be called out for a fake badge. There need not be any relation to the order the machines were built, just the order that the badges are made and sold.

The problem with the V1 stickers is that they are too inexpensive :laughing:

The downside is that it is more work for Ryan to have them made. But with a nice fat margin it might be okay.


I think the idea of serial numbers is compelling, but…

I absolutely don’t want to be flooded with posts about the requests. When I visit the Voron reddit group, that’s all I see. I can hardly find any interesting posts there because of all the requests.

If they get their own subforum, that’ll help, but honestly I mainly browse this forums via the automated email that is sent out. If that turns into mainly serial requests, I’d basically lose my link with this forum and almost never read it.

In short, it could seriously hurt engagement here if done wrong.

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I think the idea is to have 1 post per machine type that everyone would post into. You should be able to set those posts to ‘muted’ so that you don’t get emails about them.

I wish I had any confidence that people would follow that rule.

Here here! I agree. So I think the self serve idea will work for those who want a number, MP3DP "Repeat" serial number log, just post a pic and your post number is your serial number. Boom Done. I am very interested in having #1 and #1000!!

I think this will work. It can be linked at the end of the instructions as well.

It seems as though the serial numbers and exclusivity of what comes with them has caused lots of drama. If there are any signs of that I am out and it will get deleted.

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Occam’s Razer. I dig it.

There are already too many ideas here but I’ll toss in my $.02 because I like to hear myself talk…

Why not scrub the bragging rights and and use a naming convention. The only ones that care about low #s are the people in the under #100 group.

[year of build] - [forum user number] - [machine code] - [machine number built by user]

So my lowrider was finished in feb. I also built a mpcnc in 2020. My code would be:


My mpcnc would be


This gives bragging rights in that I have been building since 2020 and I’ve built at least 2 machines and will be a unique to me number.

… steps off soap box


So, where do you find your forum user number?

Well %#!, I was sure it would display in discus somewhere but I don’t see it. I can write a bit of JavaScript to generate the above using a hash of the username if it helps the cause.

Marking this as the solution @vicious1. Cool! Thanks for that. I’m going to wait a bit to grab mine to give the old-timers a shot.

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Join date…I look at these all the time!

Ha. I joined on April Fools.

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Then how did he get 91234? September 12th 2034 or December 34th 2009? :slight_smile: