Setting 3d printer

what setting should i use on my creality ender 2 pro in cura, triangles in the setting seems to give me problems with head scraping the print. I was just wondering what is a good settings in cura that would give me speed and strength. I tried cube infield pattern but its just as bad as triangles. The lines and zig zags any better. seems like it hits when it goes to a lift above the print to start printing on another part of the print. any help would be appreciated. also what is the advanced k in my tune menu. what does that do. thanks

If “advanced K” is k-factor, that’s linear advance, which is an alternative/additional method for managing stringing. The basic idea is that it slows down the extruder before the end of a line so that there’s less pressure in the hot end, thereby reducing the need to retract to prevent oozing/stringing.

This Marlin documentation describes the process for enabling the feature and tuning it. I’ve got the feature enabled but my K-factor set to 0 in the firmware as it may differ depending on the specific materials and temperatures you’re running. I use Prusa Slicer and put the proper K factor in the custom Filament Start Gcode.

Be sure to revisit and retest your retraction settings if you enable linear advance.

If your getting scraping on movements than the issue isn’t your infill type, it could be warping or over extrusion. If it is very minor than you can use the “z hop when retracted” and retraction on travle moves settings(though that will increase your print time). If it is a major issue (as in it is knocking prints off the build plate or collecting a bunch of plastic on the nozzel) than you should find the source of the issue.

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+1 for fine tuning your extrusion before looking for other causes. If you’re new to 3D printing, or are working on a new machine, I strongly suggest working through the Teaching Tech Calibration sequence. It walks you through getting to good results in a logical sequence so you don’t have to go back and re-tweak something you thought you already dialed in. It also explains the “why” behind the settings and what setting do interact with each other.

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i figured out what my problem was hitting and scraping the print. I went into travel set the setting that raised the probe higher when moving to a different point. it adds to the time a little but i think it took care of it.