Setting & Enforcing Build/Cut Area

Is it possible to set a build area (cut area in this case) for the MPCNC similar to 3d printers? I want to idiot proof my manufacturing process and don’t want bad GCODE to potentially go out of bounds and cause issues or damage the machine.

I’m using Marlin firmware, ESTLCAM to generate the GCODE and Repetier host to do the actual printing. I could also setup an RaspberryPi with Octopi or CNCjs if that will allow me to do this.

Coordinates in the CNC are different than the 3D printer. The 0,0 is determined by the workpiece and not the machine. So limiting yourself between 0,400mm doesn’t really make sense for most CNC work. It’s worse for the Z, because all the work is usually in the negative.

It’s very possible to dig the bit into the machine. That’s why we have a spoil board. Going too far in the X or Y is not as big of a deal, because the machine’s steppers will skip steps before breaking anything (except maybe endstops).

That’s not what you asked though. You want to know how to do it :).

You would enable softstops. Then set your bed size to something smaller than the area. But then you always have to do these things ( or it can still crash ):

  • Always get 0,0,0 to be the minimum. This is easy if you have dual endstops
  • Always put your origin in your CAM somewhere in the positive.
  • Then always put your work material in the right place so it will cut in the right place.

If you are worried just about crashing endstops, I think this setting will do that:

I’ve never used it though.

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