Setting Home Not Working?

OK, Maybe I’m misunderstanding something. I’m trying to set home in Repetier Host using G92 X0 Y0 Z0, and it does it (I think). But then, if I click on the Homing button, I would expect it not to move since it’s already home - right? But it does move…

Here’s a screenshot, maybe ya’ll can tell me what’s going on.

Additionally, If i just click on the X Home button, it also starts moving in all 3 axis, which doesn’t make sense to me…

Homing is not the same as moving to the zero point. It’s more like, find the endstops and set that position to zero, basically overriding what you had before with G92.

To move to zero is just G1 X0 Y0 but this is not whats meant by homing.

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Ah, right on. I figured I was misunderstanding.