Setting Start location with Holding Tabs

I have no trouble setting a tool path Start location or Holding Tabs but I’m unable to set both for the same tool path. If I set one and then try to set the other the previous tabs or Start location is deleted. I’ve tried several methods without success. Is it possible to set both for the same tool path?
Thanks for any assistance -

I don’t remember if this was one of my many ‘learn by doing’ things on Estlcam but after you set the first, do you hit ‘select’ before setting the second?

Thanks for your reply. To answer your question, I don’t think so. I’ve created a start point, hit the “select” button and then edited the toolpath to add holding tabs. If I hold CTRL while adding the holding tabs the the start location seems to remain but the simulator does not honor the starting location. I’m sure it’s simple enough but for now it’s driving me nuts!